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Kiteboarding is one of the best watersports to learn. Follow a clear process to ensure you are taught in the right way by our kiteboarding instructor.  To get the feeling of being powered by the wind as you fly across the water, try kiteboarding.

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Kiteboarding is the fastest growing watersport at the moment and has just become an official sport in the olympics.


Kiteboarding is more finesse than strength. You are hooked in with a harness to control the power of the wind, so it takes very little upper body strength.

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In general, we suggest planning for at least 3 days to get you to where you can practice on your own safely. Practicing flying kites and wake-boarding will increase your learning curve. The more time you have on the water with an instructor, the farther up the learning curve you will get.

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We are insured to teach from 9 years and older, depending on the size and mindset we would normally start from 11 years old. We would recommend private lessons only for children, to ensure our instructor is next to them at all times, for their safety.

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we offer kiteboarding lessons, kite equipment in rental as well a kite shop & other amazing kiteboarding adventures.