Discover the Best Kiteboarding Spots on Holbox Island: Where to Kiteboard and Where to Avoid

Holbox Island is a haven for kiteboarding enthusiasts, with its warm Caribbean waters, consistent trade winds and breathtaking scenery. However, as with any water sport, it’s important to be aware of the areas where kiteboarding is permitted and where it is not. To ensure a safe and enjoyable kiteboarding experience on Holbox Island, it’s essential to understand where to kiteboard and where to avoid.

The main kiteboarding spot on the island is Playa Kite or Kitebeach which is after the last hotel build at Holbox, located on the northern side of the island. Playa Kite boasts a wide and long beach, with a shallow and flat water area that is ideal for launching and landing kites. The wind here is typically steady, blowing from the east to the northeast, making it an ideal spot for both freestyle and freeride kiteboarding.

Another spot for kiteboarding on the island is La Ensenada or Punta mosquito, located on the estern side of the island. La Ensenada is a desertic area to learn , with steady winds and shallow choppy water. However, it’s important to note that Punta Mosquito is a protected area, and kiteboarding is not allowed there. The correct area to ride its inside the Ensenada passing the exact punta mosquito point. The recommended way to


It’s also essential to be familiar with the rules and regulations set by the local authorities, as well as the recommendations of the kiteboarding schools on the island. Lifestyle Kiteboarding at Holbox Island follows IKO standards and their experiences are designed to help students achieve their goals while ensuring the safety of the students and the local environment.

It’s crucial to note that kiteboarding is only allowed in specific areas on Holbox Island, such as La Ensenada and Playa Norte (also known as Kite Beach). The island’s local authorities do not allow kiteboarding in any other areas to protect the local wildlife and marine life. Additionally, it’s important to mention that kiteboarding is not allowed in front of any hotel on the island, to ensure the safety of other tourists swimming at the beaches of the island. Kiteboarding can be dangerous and it is important to be mindful of the safety of others while enjoying the sport.

In addition to kiteboarding, the island also offers other exciting activities such as wing foil and kite foil lessons, and equipment rental. Lifestyle Kiteboarding also offers a “Discover Kiting” package for beginners, which covers basic theory and setting up a kite, understanding of how the wind blows, including speed, direction and the wind window, 3 safety rules, landing and launching, piloting the kite on shallow water, and kite control.

To fully experience the beauty of Holbox Island and the thrill of kiteboarding, make sure to explore the different kiteboarding spots and abide by the rules and regulations set by the local authorities. With the right knowledge and guidance, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable kiteboarding experience on Holbox Island.